About JFSA

What is the Japan Foreign Steamship Association (JFSA)

The Japan Foreign Steamship Association (JFSA) is a voluntary
nonprofit organization comprised of the local subsidiaries, branches or
representatives of foreign steamship operators in Japan for its members.

JFSA traces its root to the meeting of group of foreign steamship
operators that was held in Yokohama in 1946. In 1951, the Foreign
Steamship Committee, the association’s mother organization which was
founded in Tokyo, commenced its full-fledged activities. At that time, the
Kansai region already had a similar group, the Kobe General Shipping
Committee (later renamed as Kansai Foreign Steamship Committee). But
in 1963, the Kanto and Kansai organizations decided to merge, giving
birth to the nationwide organization Foreign Steamship Committee, which
headquartered in Tokyo. In 1973, the official English name of the
organization was changed to Foreign Steamship Association (JFSA) or
Gaikoku Senpaku Kyoukai in Japanese.

Major mission of JFSA is under compliance to the laws and regulations
to be a window to Government or public port and marine organization for
fair, safe and efficient environment for shipping operations in Japan.
Collective decision or action to outside of the organization is not any of
JFSA function. JFSA members are free from each other on their decision
and their independent action based on the public information.